A Short Good Life

School’s Out

Eddie’s out of school, too.
I’ll bike over to see him.
We’ll head down to the post office,
where we’ll roll down the hill sideways five times
bumping into each other until we can’t breathe laughing so hard.
We’ll buy some penny candies – wax coke bottles and atomic fireballs.
I’ll get a fudgsicle, and he’ll get a dreamsicle.
We’ll lick them away on the porch of Mr. Crooks’ store,
chew on the wooden sticks for a while,
and then ride our bikes some more.

When I get home
I’ll sit on the floor
in my room by the round fan
the size of a generous footstool.
I’ll keep changing its three speeds
because high is like a tornado.
I’ll stay on the floor worshipping it
Until I feel the urge to move

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