A Short Good Life


last night while I was sleeping

one of a trillion cells in my body mutated into a cancer cell

under the influence of ultraviolet rays from the sun

microwaves in the atmosphere

pesticides in food

god knows what in the water

under the influence of age—my age in this age—

under the influence of stress and grief and karma

it circulated through my bloodstream

how many times through the capillaries

the great veins and arteries

how many times through the four chambers of my heart

before my healthy lymphocytes detected it as out of the ordinary

as having improper identification

alerting all in its lymphocyte network of secret police

to start with chemical warfare

and to get the word out

send the signals

sound the sirens

alerting the intelligence of the liver

alerting the jailors of the spleen

to search attack capture and

without any further hearing

without advice of counsel

destroy destroy destroy

all while I slept

unaware my life

had been saved

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