A Short Good Life

Ten+ Resources for Families Facing Life-threatening Illness or Death

These organizations can provide support for families facing a severe illness or loss. Some of the organizations are helpful regardless of an ill person’s age; some are focused on illness and death in childhood. Some are of use specifically for grief, after a loss; some are for facing illness and have value in advance of loss.

  1. Lotsa Helping Hands: Organizing help for someone in need.
  2. Caring Bridge: Building bridges of care and communication and support during a health journey.
  3. The Dougy Center: National Grief Center for Children and Families. Grief support for helping children cope before and after the death of a family member.
  4. Courageous Parents Network: Orients, empowers, and accompanies families and providers caring for children with serious illness.
  5. A Caring Hand: Resources and support for bereaved families and children.
    email: info@acaringhand.org
    phone: (212) 229-CARE (2273) 
  6. The Compassionate Friends: Support for Families after the death of a child.
  7. Grief Haven: Providing grief support to all who are grieving.
  8. Bereaved Parents of the USA: Together relatives who survive the loss of a child celebrate those who have died and connect with one another for support.
  9. Open to Hope: Giving a voice to grief and recovery, helping people find hope after loss.
  10. The Cope Foundation, Connecting Our Paths Eternally: Dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child.
  11. And specific to leukemia:

  12. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: